Book a hotel in Quirimba Archipelago for your next tropical holiday.

The Quirimba Archipelago is a network of 32 coral islands off the coast of northern Mozambique, Africa in the Indian ocean. This isolated and remote area has been largely untouched by civilization and makes for an ideal tropical get away from the hustle and fuss of city life. Before 1975, only four of these islands were permanently inhabited. The small villages that make up the locals today are modest fishing communities.

The long stretches of white sandy beach are ecologically pristine, making snorkelling along the coral and marine coast an activity not to be missed. Thanks to the warm and temperate weather, snorkelling and diving are a year-round activity to be enjoyed alongside game fishing. In 2002, the Quirimba National Park became a protected area, ensuring the preservation of these beautiful undeveloped islands. The park spans 7,500 square kilometres and contains 11 of the southern islands.

Be sure to make a trip to the Ibo Island to take in its rich history. Initially an Arab colony, up until the 10th century, Ibo became an important Swahili trading post. The Swahili language that now dominates coastal Kenya, northern Mozambique, and the Tanzania seaboard is a mix of the Arab and Bantu languages. The word Swahili derives from the Arabic word, sawahil, meaning coast.

The Ibo island features four forts dating back to 1754 that can be visited to see the Portuguese heritage that colonized the island for approximately 500 years. The last of the Portuguese settlers have moved out by 1975. The buildings have deteriorated and have been left in ruin, as the locasl would prefer to live in their own villages. The population of the island is approximately a mere 4000.

As the civilization in the Quirimba Archipelago is mostly undeveloped, the hotels are more akin to a beach lodge, giving you a more intimate experience with the beautiful environ. Get away from it all and book a hotel in Quirimba Archipelago for your next tropical holiday.